Atlassian SAML Handbook

Backup and Restore

This tab provides an option to download or upload the SAML SSO plugin’s configurations for this application instance. This is very useful as it helps to:

  1. Transfer configuration file: If you are  moving from Test instance to Production instance, there is no need for re-configuring plugin again on the production instance.You can simply download the configurations from the test instance and upload them to the production.Also, if you want to move your settings from one instance to another, this feature will help.
  2. Troubleshoot: If the user faces problems during SSO, the configuration file can be sent to support team for debugging and fixing.
  3. Backup: You can take backups of the working configurations for future use for disaster recovery.


This tab has the following options:

Download /Upload App configuration manually

  • Download App Configuration:- Downloads all the app configurations in a JSON file.
  • Import App Configuration:– You can upload the previously downloaded file to restore the app configurations.


Configure / Fetch  App configuration via REST API 

  • Fetch App Configuration:- To get  plugin configurations in response make a GET REST API request to URL provided in the tab.
  • Update App Configuration:- To Update the plugin configurations  make a POST REST API request. You can download the app configuration file to get a sample format for the request body.