Two Factor Authentication Handbook

Google Authenticator App Name

How to change Google Authenticator name?

In Standard/ Premium Plugin

  • Search for the miniOrange 2-Factor plugin and click on Login Settings.
  • Search Change name in Google Authenticator App feature in the Login Settings tab.
    This feature having two checkboxes:
    Set up By Administrator: When this option is enabled, Administrator is able to change the Google Authenticator name and it will be the same for all the users.
    Set up By Users: When this option is enabled, users will able to change Google Authenticator name for their respective account.

    Selecting Set up By Administrator:

    • Step 1: The checkbox of Set up By Administrator is enabled by default.
    • Step 2: Now, the Administrator can able to change the name in Google Authenticator App. Here, we have edit name in Google Authenticator and change it with miniOrange.
    • Step 3: Click on the Save Settings.

    Selecting Set up By User:

    When this check box is enabled by the Administrator then users will able to edit the name in Google Authenticator for themselves.

    • Step 1:Then select Set up by User and then click on the Save Settings.

  • [User experience]

    Now when the user logs into their account, they can easily edit the name in Google Authenticator while setup of Two Factor authentication method: Google Authenticator.
    Now, After scanning Google Authenticator QR code you can see an edited name in Google Authenticator Application.