Cyber Crime

Keep your children safe from Cyber Bullying

  • Communicate 

Talk to your children about the internet. Parents can talk to their children about the pros and cons of the internet without shutting down communication channels. Make sure they know that they can come to you if they face any kind of online harassment, stalking, or bullying.

  • Establish Trust between the Child and the Parent

If Your child has suddenly started to spend most of his time avoiding family members and you get the intuition that he is emotionally disturbed, then one of the possible reasons may be that he is being bullied. As mentioned before, Parents need to have a communicating and open relationship with children so that they can discuss anything freely, without any fear. Parents need to develop and maintain trust between them and their children. So that whenever a child faces something, he discloses it to his parents without hesitation. 

  • Educate Children about good stuff and bad stuff on the Internet. 

In this technological era, the exposure to a Cyber Crime is also increasing extensively, Today, most of the children have access to their own Smartphones, Personal Computers and other Similar digital devices since High School. Children try to seek answers on the Internet that they are afraid to ask their parents, often due to a lack of communication and trust. 

Restricting a child from using completely a Smartphone or use the Internet is not a good solution. Apparently, they can still access the Cyber World from elsewhere if not from their home or personal devices. Not letting a child use a Smartphone might lead to growing a feeling of parents being overprotective, this can lead to shutting down the communication between children and parents and might result in conflicts. Although the Internet is a vast source of information, not everything and not everyone on the Internet can be trusted. Instead of asking children to give up the uses of the Internet, children can be educated to differentiate between good and bad stuff.

  • Monitor Activities to keep a check on Child.

As Said, Prevention is better than cure. Even after discussing what is good and what is not, Children may visit harmful websites. See content that is harmful or inappropriate, they might even receive messages on their smartphones that are nothing but online harassment, calling names, mean comments. Children might feel embarrassed to disclose this to their Parents, in such cases, it is a good idea to keep track of  the Child’s activities with consent if required.

Tracking apps can be used to keep track of which websites the child has visited recently, who a child has been communicating with and other necessary information.