Two Factor Authentication Handbook

Remove and Add new Users in the same Plan

I have a 5 user license, and 5 users have already set up 2-factor. I want to free up the license of 2 users who have already set up 2-factor, and add new users instead, how do I do that?

Click here to go to the miniOrange console, enter the credentials to log in with your miniOrange account.

  • Go to the miniOrange Dashboard and click on the Users tab.
  • You get user list here, search user whom you want to delete then click on select dropdown of that user.
  • After clicking on select dropdown you get several options here, from that click on the Delete.
  • Now a new window will popup for confirmation if you are sure to delete the user clicks on the Yes.
  • So that selected End User is deleted from your site. Now you can add new users with the same plan.