SAML Handbook

4.1 Attribute Mapping

Attributes are the user details that are stored in your Identity Providers. Attribute Mapping helps you to get user attributes from your IdP and map them to WordPress user attributes.

  • It provides the feature to map attributes like Username, Email, First Name, Last Name, Group/Role, Display Name. While auto registering the users in your WordPress site, these attributes will automatically get mapped to your WordPress user details.
  • You can see Username and Email are must required. You can provide the attribute name for Group/Role where its value can be displayed in user details at the time of configuration.
  • It can carry information about role or group  members. Depending on the value of the attributes, Service Providers can assign roles or groups to users. By this, the admin can associate the rights of the users from the roles or groups provided.


  • It provides an additional feature to Map Custom Attributes which means users can map extra IdP attributes which they wanted to be included in their user profile.

Suppose, if you want to add attributes like Phone no., City, State, Department etc., you will  simply have to add attributes and map them from Identity Provider.

In the below given image, it shows the attributes which are sent from the Identity Provider in the form of response.

If you want to map these attributes on your WordPress site, you just have to go to ‘Map Custom Attributes’ and add those attributes by providing the attribute names from the IdP and give your names by which you want to store those attributes.

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