Atlassian SAML Handbook

SSO Settings

SSO Settings tab provides an option to control how users and administrators should log in and log out through SSO. SSO settings are divided into:

  1. Sign In Settings:
    Settings to decide the behavior of the login flow, i.e. whether you want to show a button or force all users to log in using SSO, etc.

  2. Service Desk SSO Settings:
    Settings related to SSO flow on JSD Customer Portal.

  3. Custom Login Template:
    You can create your own login page here.

  4. Sign Out Settings:
    You can choose what happens after user logs out or which page to show after logout.

  5. SSO Error Settings:
    You can design your own error message or page here.

  6. Advance SSO Settings:
    You can set a remember me cookie for all SSO authentications or extend the SAML message validity window.