Atlassian SAML Handbook

Look and Feel Settings

This tab provides the user option to design the login page for Atlassian instances as per his requirements.

This is very useful when

  1. IDP initiated SSO: The buttons will be hidden on the login page if only IDP initiated  SSO is required.
  2. Custom Login Button: The login button text can be modified for simplicity and ease.
  3. To enhance the login Page UI: Custom login Templates will be helpful to render the easy to use UI.
  4. Detect Errors in login easily: Error templates will be rendered in for easy debugging and support.


This tab has the following options:

Login Page Settings:

  •  Show Login Buttons:  This option allows admin to disable SAML  login through Atlassian instance. You can turn off this option to enable only IDP initiated SSO.
  • Login Button Text: Customize button text as per requirement using this option ( This text is visible only in case of Single IDP.)
  • Custom Login Template: This template will be rendered at the dashboard and Login URL.

Error Page Settings:
  • Custom Error Template:  This template will be rendered if the SSO fails.