Cyber Crime


Another method that has grown tenfold, is of scams through online payment portals. On their own BHIM, GooglePay, PhonePe etc. provide a very convenient and fast method to transfer money.

But some inventive scammers have found various ways to misuse this convenience. And in turn easily tricking people into giving up their UPI PINs or IDs.

Many of these scams work by tricking victims into calling fake numbers, that pretend to be the contact numbers of real companies/services. The victim is then sent a link or form that asks the victim for his/her UPI PIN and ID.

Many people fall for this trick and enter all their secure information, falling trap to the scammer. Further incurring significant monetary losses.

A Real-Life Example

The above was a fake form distributed by scammers pretending to be a gas agency. Even with multiple spelling mistakes and the very rough look of the form. The scammers were still able to trick a large of number of people.

They rely on the very casual rules set by Google and JustDial to replace the contact details of legitimate businesses, with their own. In the hopes that potential victims will stumble across the fake contact details. Subsequently falling into the trap set by the scammers.

What most people forget to realise is that, UPI PINs are very sensitive information, loss of which may allow scammers complete access to your bank account.


The only counter to these scams is that you remain well informed of these threats, while also carefully look at places where you may enter your sensitive information.