Single Sign On (SSO) for HONDA Emall

eMall is the name of Honda’s Interactive Network employee login portal. It is an application that allows dealers and other Honda employees to keep track of all the brands and products related to Honda and gather all of the necessary information related to their position within the company. It contains links for all the suppliers and service provider’s websites

miniOrange provides secure access to those sites for enterprises and full control over access of applications, Single Sign On (SSO) into your site with eMall credentials.

How miniOrange SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Plugin works with eMall?

With miniOrange plugin you can configure your site to allow users to access your site using Honda eMall credentials. This allows the users to seamlessly access your services without having to authenticate themselves on your site. Get all your user details and choose to auto-provision users if necessary all from a single installation of a plugin.

Advantages of using miniOrange SSO with Honda Emall:
1. Easy to integrate. If your site has users from different users and you want them to authenticate with their Honda account using eMall then you can do that using this plugin. For Example: if you have a site that has users from the different dealership, you can enable your users to sign in using their eMall account.
2. Easy to install. You only have to install and configure the Plugin once. This is useful if you are using hosting providers like WP-Engine which do not allow the installation of any external software on the server.
3. Easy to manage. A plugin is easy to setup and easily maintainable rather than having to maintain your own proprietary solution.
4. Easy to use. Users will have a seamless experience when visiting your site. They will not have to log in to your site to access your services.

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