Single Sign-On (SSO) for FIXTrading Community

FIXTrading Community is the non-profit, industry-driven standards body at the heart of global trading. FIXTrading Community’s work is the continuous development and promotion of the FIX family of standards, including the core FIX Protocol messaging language, which has revolutionized the trading environment and has successfully become the way the world trades.
miniOrange provides secure access to sites for enterprises and full control over access of applications, Single Sign On (SSO) into your site with one set of login credentials.

How miniOrange cloud Single Sign-On service works with FIXTrading Community?

With miniOrange cloud SSO service solution, you will get a central place for user management along with Single Sign-On with a simple and intuitive UI Interface. You will get load balanced servers in free, data replication and regular backup of data.

Advantages of using miniOrange cloud SSO with FIXTrading Community:

  1. Ease Of Access- For the end users, it reduces the responsibility of managing multiple sets of usernames and passwords for different apps.
  2. Manage Users and Groups/Member Firms from a central place- It offers simple and user-friendly UI Interface for user/group management through a single platform for add/update a user/group and controlling user/group rights. All user/group operations are synced from miniOrange admin dashboard to apps.
  3. Easy to Extend- If your apps grow in future,which needs SSO (either SAML based or non-SAML based), then miniOrange cloud SSO service have ready-made connectors for it.
  4. Cost effective- This solution saves them a huge amount of cost of hosting provider,load balanced servers,setting up auto-backup and disaster recovery mechanism for an on-premise idp and its maintenance cost.

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