Single Sign On (SSO) for Covance

Covance, a global contract research organization and drug development services company, has helped bring 49 of the top 50 best-selling drugs to market. Covance was looking for Single Sign-On solution for Jira with their multiple Identity Providers. They wanted to invoke IdPs using different Jira site URLs.

miniOrange provided a solution of URL Mapping. The Identity provider selection is based on this entered site URL to access Jira. Each URL assigned with different IdPs. If the URL  matched with the respective Identity Provider then it will get redirected to that Identity Provider.

How miniOrange Single Sign-On Solution works for Covance?



Benefits of using miniOrange SSO Solution:

  1. Ease Of Access: For the end users, it reduces the responsibility of managing multiple sets of usernames and passwords.
  2. Easy to integrate: It is easy to integrate with your existing Identity Provider and provide SSO solution without having to build a new system/framework.
  3. Future Proof: If your apps grow in future which needs SSO, then easily deploy access to these applications for your users with few easy steps.
  4. Cost effective: No hassle of building or managing a new system for Single Sign-On. With user re-verification system make sure only the relevant and active users are using the applications at all times thus reducing the overall cost.


Click here to learn how to setup SAML SSO between miniOrange and Jira.

Click here to learn how to setup OAuth SSO between miniOrange and Jira.

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